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  • Posted by - shreyashkashyap2 - on 30 April 2014 - 12:50pm


    I have come across this website and would like to say that it is very informative. I am interested in an MIM and would like to know what would be my chances if i apply to the top 25 colleges as per FT rankings . I had 91% in my 10th and 61% in my 12th.In graduation I have a distinction in all my subjects but 1. I have a backlog paper which is still pending after one and a half years (because of some personal reasons i could not appear for it). I would clear that paper before i apply through GMAT. I am taking GMAT mocks and have been scoring 750 on an average. What would be my chances if I score a 720-730 in GMAT? Would the backlog issue hinder the process?My extra curriculars are good such as Cultural committee head of the college, Head of the music society, Festival head co-ordinator, National festival contingent leader, district music awards, have started my own NGO for women empoewerment and some more. I just wanted to have an idea how difficult it would be for me to get into a top college like St Gallen's with the backlog issue and could you please guide me further in ways I could improve so that the backlog becomes redundant.

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    • Posted by - Sleed - on 30 April 2014 - 2:35pm


      If you could express your GPA in terms of % (i.e. top 10%, top 50%) that would be easier to comment on this point. However, given the high gmat you are expecting, you would definitely have a shot at some of the best programs. For many programs the GMAT is the single most important factor.

      For instance at St Gallen the GMAT accounts for 50% of the decision in "The Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management (SIM)", which is one of their best program:

      Hope that helps!