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  • Posted by on 07/16/13 6:53pm

    Hello sir,
    I have a query regarding the admission procedure. I am Ronald studying engineering in the field of electronics(final year ) in India. I always have the keen interest of studying business management , but unfortunately i ended up in engineering , Now i realize i still have a chance . My doubt is whether

    1. Do they accept Engineers for the MS in Management / International Business ?

    2. On an average how much is the gpa do all the universities require ?

    3. Could you suggest some top universities/business schools which offer this course in United States of America ?

    4. Lastly how are the job opportunities for this course and what kind of job do we end up after the end of the course ?

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/18/13 12:28am

      Hi Ronald,

      thank you for your questions. There are roughly two groups of Masters in Management or Business: First, a group that requires a first degree in business or economics; and second, a group that is open to graduates from other disciplines as well. You can explicitly search for these two groups (and in your case: the second group) by using our filter "Entry requirements" in the MIM Compass search engine.

      I don't have information on the GPA so far as this likely differs a lot from school to school and even within one school from year to year, depending on the quality of applications. The general rule, of course, is: The more renowned the school, the more competitive the application process, and the higher the expectation regarding your academic grades. In the words of my contact person at the HEC Paris: "Good internship and a good GMAT is a big plus but cannot waive a good GPA." I will consider, however, including the question for the GPA in our Global MIM Survey 2014.

      There are not many schools in the US that offer MIM programs. If you search for MIM full-time programs in the US, for example, you find just about 50. If you extend this by the schools in Canada, you reach about 70 altogether. Now the question is: Which of them are the right ones FOR YOU?

      I recommend approaching this question from the general to the more narrow perspective. As for the general perspective, you can use tools such as Business Education Rankings (e.g. on the MBA) to distinguish schools renowned for management education from those less renowned. Furthermore, I recommend looking for schools or programs that are accredited from internationally recognized accreditation agencies (AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA).

      From the more narrow perspective, you screen the pre-selected schools' websites for career statistics and finally contact the career service teams. For instance, what are the employers that recruit MIM graduates? Are these the firms that you want to work for?

      As for your final question, the spectrum of jobs for MIM graduates is very broad and differs from school to school. The best approach again is by contacting your specific shortlist of schools regarding this. To give you a general statistics, however, we found in the this year's Global MIM Survey (to be published by the end of August), that the top industry sectors for MIM graduates are Consulting and Financial Services, followed by a second group of Consumer & Luxory Goods, HR Management, Entrepreneurship, and Manufacturing. The next group includs IT & Telecommunication as well as Travel and Leisure Management followed by further industries.

      The reason for this breadth of industries is very simple: A MIM is a general management education and - similar to the MBA - qualifies for all sorts of tasks.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf