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is mim worth??

  • Posted by - iamrish - on 3 December 2012 - 11:49pm


    I have done my engineering and i am currently employed in an MNC
    With service management portfolio. I was interested in doing MBA but
    The work ex requirement is too long in it,so i decoded to pursue MIM...
    Can you please help me know the good colleges offering this course??
    I feel that this course is particularly famous around europe and UK, but not
    In Usa. Are there good colleges in Usa for MIM. I have around 2 years of
    Work ex as of now. Will this be helpful??.....also if you could help me in
    Enlightening the new career prospects after MIM,it would be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Posted by - iamrish - on 4 December 2012 - 3:25pm

      Thank you for the response.

      But i hv the financing limitation for mba,thats why i am considering this course.
      Wouldn't doing this course give me a push in my career and bring in better opportunities??

      • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 5 December 2012 - 9:54am

        Hi there again,

        yes, of course also a Master in Management is possible for you. Actually you are somewhere in between - you could do both a MIM and an MBA in terms of your experience. If the MIM is better for you, e.g. because of costs, then go for the MIM.

        The question how much it will affect your career is difficult to answer. It depends on so many things. Keep in mind that with a MIM you have the chance to (1) increase your competence (you will actually learn something), (2) profit from the reputation of a business school, and (3) profit from the network of a school (careersrevices and alumni).

        Also keep in mind that about 90 percent of the MIM graduates start to work in the country of where they studied (source: Global MIM Study). Therefore I suggest:

        1. Pick out the country or countries where you would like to work after the MIM.
        2. Search for business schools with MIM programs there (using our search filter).
        3. Screen the websites of the schools: try to assess the quality of the school.
        4. and then screen three to five schools and MIM programs closer (get in contact with them, ask which compaies come to campus or where the graduates work later on).

        Best wishes

    • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 4 December 2012 - 1:53am

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. Actually, I do think that an MBA is better suited for you than a MIM program. There are Masters in Management also offered by renowned schools in North America - e.g. Thunderbird or Richard Ivey - but the MIM ususally is a program for your job entry. Accordingly, MIM students don't have work experience or at least not much. In contrast, an MBA is a program for people like you - people who want to give their career a new push.

      Pesonally, I consider three years of work experience as a good minimum time to do an MBA - so if you apply now you should be able to start next fall then having three years. Many schools in the US, however, just require two years of work experience. Have a look at our MBA Compass platform to search for MBA programs

      Best wishes