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  • Posted by iamblue91 on 03/25/15 5:37pm


    I recently was offered an interview with Imperial College -- it's just a 10 minute interview.

    Does anyone have experience with this? Is this "the" interview? Does this interview have much weight on their decision or are they "getting to know you"?


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 03/26/15 10:06am

      Hi there,

      at French top schools, interviews count up to 25% for the final decision. But these last about 45 min. In a 10 min interviews, it appears as if they just want to get an overall impression of you. Please write a brief report about it here in this forum, once you have it behind you.

      Here is a post with useful tips for the interview. I would prepare it as thorough as if it was a 45-min session.

      Best regards,

      by Thomas Graf
      MIM Compass Founder