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  • Posted by on 04/26/15 6:12pm

    I have an admit from Fox school of business in masters in marketing program. Even though i tried so hard to find out what are the placement scenarios after that course..... but in vain....... Do u have any information about this.....?

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 04/27/15 9:52am

      Hi there,

      you have two primary sources for this: (1) Ask the admissions people. If they don't provide you with this data, why do you want to study there? (2) Talk to alumni (e.g., ask the admissions people to bring you in contact or google for Fox alumni)) and ask them about their subjective impression about career effects.

      If you want to analyze the school and program more fundamentally, with respect to its match with your profile, I recommend you to read my eBook. Takes you a few dollars and an afternoon to work through - but it will help.

      Best wishes

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