Confusion between sessions for the sept intake.

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  • Posted by hamzasiddiqui on 01/10/13 7:46pm

    Dear Thomas,

    First of all, props to you on running this site. It's really helpful. I recently attempted GMAT and scored a 730. however, I have a low GPA in my business bachelors. Now im interested in applying to the Grande Ecole program in france through SAI selection. I am also looking for scholarship/ sponsorship options for it. After being declared admissible, I would then have to give interviews. I am eligible to apply in the 2nd round but if i do I'd have to fly to another country for the interview. However, I have an option of applying in the third round and being interviewed in my home city.
    Flying to another country would be expensive but if my chances are considerably more of being admissible in 2nd round , then I wouldnt think much of the expenses. Please comment on your experience with the said program and on which session I should apply in.

    Thanks in advance for your time.


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/10/13 9:16pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your kind feedback.

      Honestly, I would simply ask them if I were you. Let them know

      • that you are very interested in the program
      • that you have seen that they offer interviews in your home city and that you would like to attend them
      • but that you also are afraid that the chances are lower in the third compared to the second round
      • and that you would be very interested in their opinion on this.

      Personally, I don't think that the second and the third round make a big difference. If they want to take you - and a GMAT of 730 is damned good - they will take you. Of course, I may be wrong. But the fact that they have several rounds is primarily an administrative thing and to create some pressure.

      You could also check their website to find out or ask them about how many intakes they have at the point where you want to start - and how big the cohorts are. For instance, if you apply for the September intake and in September 4 cohorts with 50 students each start - a total of 200 places - you may feel safer than if only 1 class starts with 40 people.

      Anyway, I suggest that you either pick the third round directly or - if it puts pressure on you - to contact and ask them openly.

      Best wishes

    • Posted by hamzasiddiqui on 01/12/13 11:39am

      Thanks for the great tips. I have emailed the unis for their opinion. will make my decision after it.
      Another question, is this score good enough to offset a low GPA?


      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/12/13 12:26pm

        Hi there,

        it is difficult to answer this question as different people may have different criteria (some may value the GMAT more, some more the GPA).

        In general: A very good GMAT is something that the schools like a lot because you demonstrated certain capabilities - no matter what else you have done in your life. You can't change the GPA anymore - so you have to live with that. But you can influence everything after that - so try to excel here and see how far it brings you.

        • you have a great GMAT score: That was the best you could do to offset the GPA at the moment.
        • now do your best to send a great application (write goood essays if they want you to; make sure that your cv is free of typos and looks good, etc.)
        • do your best in the interviews

        Then your chances will increase even more. And THAT'S only important for you in my opinion. Whether there are schools out theer that would not accept you just because of the GPA, even if anything else is great,... well, ignore this.

        I am sure that you will find enough schools that you like and that will take you.

        Best wishes

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