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Admission to HEC, and WHU

  • Posted by - Karan Tibdewal - on 10 July 2015 - 7:55am


    i am an Engineering student from India, and i intend to join a Masters in Management Program, and i have shortlisted the following universities:

    • WHU
    • HEC
    • IE, Madrid
    • ESADE, Barcelona

    My interests while pursuing the course will be Marketing and Entrepreneurship, i have my GMAT date in August, and i expect to score somewhere between 620-650 (taking a clue from all my practise tests)

    Based on my interests, which colleges would be better for me,[/b] also i was interested in ESADE, since its well known for Marketing, but as i am an International Student, i have to look for better job opportunities after my graduation, and considering the economic conditions at the moment, i am somehow unsure about Spain, in which case France and Germany would be preferable (i have also been on a one year exchange to France). I am interested in researching and doing something in the field of Gamification, so for al my purposes, which universities will be best suited for me ?

    Thank you!

    • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 10 July 2015 - 12:55pm

      Hi there,

      it's good that you are aware of your interests - marketing and entrepreneurship - and it is also good that you have investigated in potential schools already, now having 4 schools on your shortlist.

      Now, you have to do the next steps.

      1. You must define your career goals on a more detailed level. Instead of just saying "I am interested in marketing and entrepreneurship", it would be helpful, for example, if you know already in which countries you want to work, which industries or even employers - and what you need to learn for this. Please read CHAPTER 1 MOTIVATION of my MIM eBook to understand better what I mean.

      2. You must be fully aware of the benefits that a business master could or even should provide you with (and what not) so that you achieve your career goals. If you are interested in entrepreneurship, for example, you may find that the school should foster this beyond a class in entrepreneurship. You may require that your target program should offer a venture lab and a business plan competitition with real venture capitalists, for example. Please read CHAPTER 2 SPECIFICATION of my MIM eBook to understand better what I mean.

      3. You must analyze and compare the schools and programs of your short list deeper. This is an effort that goes beyond posting a question in a forum. You must analyze the websites and you must talk to several people (different sorts of people from different perspective so that you can be sure about the objectiveness of their answers). Please read CHAPTER 3 INVESTIGATION to learn who to ask and which sources of information to use.

      4. You must assess your resources (such as financial resources and GMAT score) honestly and match it with the requirements of the school. With a GMAT lower than 640, for example, you may find it difficult to get accepted by HEC, for example. Read CHAPTER 2 - RESOURCES for this.

      5. Finally, you must make a good decision, even if you are not 100% sure about 2 or 3 programs. Read CHAPTER 4 DECISION to get some helpful advices here.

      Best regards,

      by Thomas Graf
      MIM Compass Founder