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Admission In Germany

  • Posted by - Gaurangi Sharma - on 3 March 2014 - 8:03am

    Hey Thomas,
    I am Gaurangi (21), currently pursuing the final year of my graduation from India. My profile looks somewhat like this

    Graduation: 74%
    12th : 94%
    10th : 88%
    GMAT :630
    IELTS :7.5
    Work ex : An on-campus marketing job with Red Bull pvt. India Ltd. for 9 months.
    Lot of involvement in curricular activities and social organisation.

    I have applied for Masters in International Business in the following Schools:

    NHH, Norway
    Mannheim, Germany (MMM)
    HEC Lausanne
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Maastricht, Netherlands

    I have received a rejection from Denmark on the basis of not fulfilling the entry requirement of certain ECTS points in 2 subjects. So, now I'm scared of facing the same from the others as well.
    My queries are, "What are the chances of making through the rest of them?"
    Going through your forum, I came across EBS as another option. Should I apply there? Although, I'm apprehensive of investing another 100 euros in the application process, but I would do so to be on the safer side.
    Since I'm more keen on being in Germany, can you suggest a good school according to my profile, where the deadline hasn't passed and preferably no application fee is charged.

    Really hopeful on hearing something positive from your end. !
    Thankyou :)

    • Posted by - Gaurangi Sharma - on 3 March 2014 - 8:09am

      Oh and I forgot to mention that I have a business background. I did my 12th grade in the subjects of commerce and am currently pursuing my Bachelor's in Commerce (Honors).

      • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 3 March 2014 - 11:57pm

        Hi there,

        thank you for your question. I understand your concern but at the end of the day the safest way is asking the admissions managers of the schools (after carefully screening the websites).

        Copenhagen are pretty transparent in what they expect academically as you can see at their MSc International Business Admissions site.

        Mannheim writes on its homepage that they expect "at least 35 ECTS in business administration".

        And so on. So, check this out one by one and contact the school if in doubt.

        As for German MIM programs, I recommend you to use our Search Engine effectively by filtering:

        • Program Focus: Masters in Management
        • Entry Requirements: academic background in business or economics required
        • Teaching mode: full-time
        • Country: Germany
        • Language: English

        Then you get 32 matches that you can check one by one. EBS is one of them. In addition, you can check the FT MIM Ranking for German programs - those ranked there have an international exposure. 2 are in the top ten, 3 in the top 20, 4 in the overall ranking...

        I recommend you analyze the programs following my method in my eBook "Roadmap to your Master in Business Degree 2014".

        Best wishes

        By Thomas Graf

      • Posted by - Nishant - on 3 March 2014 - 3:38pm

        hi can you please mail me ... even i am planning to do there !!