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  • Posted by - DG - on 23 December 2014 - 11:05pm

    Hi again Thomas, (:P)

    Had some trouble with amazon....but finally bought ur ebook and read it. (tu) :)-D
    As i understand most good schools are looking for a gmat of 600+

    Usually most students who get 600 above scores have a decent (if not excellent) grad score.
    But i am stuck here. My profile is as follows.

    Grad - Bachelor of commerce from a A-grade university - Score 48% or GPA - 2/4 - as per Indian state funded Universities who's standards are different from private ones .
    (Drawback - Had 4 backlogs and missed a year due to various reasons ):(

    GMAT - Expected 630-660

    Work Profile - (I attend an evening college and worked in the following all at the same time )(:D

    • Started my own Company and work for 2.5 years ... drew huge experience, moderate success and excellent client satisfaction
    • Worked in my fathers company as a general manager and product design
    • worked in 2 other companies for 3 months each for experience and outlook

    Application .. will be applying FOR September session IN February

    Now ... having said all this and having read ur ebook............. my GUT X( points me toward the following schools-

    Preference 1

    • WHU
    • HHL
    • EBS

    Preference 2

    • EDHEC
    • or similar french schools

    How likely/practically am i going to get through preference 1 & 2 schools respectively ? ::o
    If not .... what should i do ???????? :S

    Snehasish B)-

    • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 26 December 2014 - 2:37pm

      Hi there,

      first of all: Let's have a closer look on your target program. What exactly do you want to study at the afore mentioned schools?

      Second: Why and what for do you want to study this?

      Third, what do Chapters 1 (Timing) and 2 (Content) recommend you regarding your profile?

      These are the first steps you need clarify. Then we can move on.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
      Owner MIM Compass
      Author of the MIM eBook

      • Posted by - DG - on 27 December 2014 - 12:38pm

        Point 1 > I want a Masters in Management course. i.e. I want an education in general management as that's where my strength lies. Entrepreneual focused MIM is a plus (but not masters in entrepreneual management)
        So far WHU is my exact right fit. Its my crown jewel of the shortlist.

        Point 2&3 >
        lets start with Career stage (chapter 1)- I would say I am a graduate but i have some work experience like a professional- about 3 years alongside my graduation. So i am somewhere in between.

        Timing and content - My initial plan was to peruse an MBA after 5-6 years of working but that plan change later. As I started to build my own company I eventually realized I lacked many skills, means and tools to be competent enough to make and run a company big enough for my ambitions. I realized right now i am doing good for a 22 year old entrepreneur but unless i have a solid foundation in cutting edge management education, I will be stuck beyond a certain growth point by the time i am 35-40 years old. So I decided, I don't want my MBA later I want in now and take an early start. As it goes, if i want it now then it has to be a MIM and cannot be an MBA.
        As I mentioned earlier I am focusing on the 3 German schools. as they fit the complex piece of puzzle and have an entrepreneual touch.

        And if u had to ask why Germany? - lots of reasons - German discipline, German Excellence in whatever they do, German Punctuality etc.

        • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 30 December 2014 - 8:57pm

          Hi there,

          I don't exactly understand why you think that a GMAT of 630 - 660 creates a problem for you regarding the schools mentioned above. With the exception of some very selective schools such as, for instance, HEC, you are fine with 600.

          Check out for the schools' admissions pages again: For instance, WHU expects only 600. HHL says that GMAT > 600 is sufficient etc.

          Following the thought of my eBook, the GMAT is not something that gets you INTO a program. It is just a requirement that you need to fulfill. With, a GMAT score of 630 and 660 you fulfill the requirements. This does NOT mean that you get admission. But it means that IF you get rejected, then the GMAT was not the reason.

          Your academic score is more serious in my opinion as the academic grade often is the number one criterion for renowned schools when they choose applicants. I don't know exactly what you mean with "my graduation GPA - which, according to my hometown is good" - does "good" mean "top 5%", "top 10%, or worse?

          The more higher schools are ranked the more selective hey become with respect to grades. Good schools know very well about the reputation of a college in the respective country - and they may be interested if you are a top performer, a good performer, an average performer etc.

          So a first step for you is to assess (1) the reputation of your college in your country and (2) how good your grade is with respect to your generation or classmates. The better this is, the higher your chances to get admission regarding the schools in your list.

          If you have doubts, I would contact the schools and tell them abotu your doubts - and politely ask if they recommend you to apply. You can contact some of the schools via our ASK THE SCHOOLS page, for instance.

          As for the backlogs, this depends on the school and on the reasons for the backlogs. If you have explanations (without lieing) that do not point to your capability (e.g. if you were ill and couldn't prepare properly for the courses) then they may play less of a role. A school may also ignore them and only be interested in your grade (as this shows your capability). Also, do you need to include these backlogs in your application? I am against lieing - but maybe you can simply leave them out?

          Best wishes

          By Thomas Graf
          Owner MIM Compass
          Author of the MIM eBook

        • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 28 December 2014 - 7:39pm

          Hi there,

          I understand your motivation for a MIM and it makes sense to me. Now, as for the application, have you read the admissions pages of the schools in your list already? For instance, EBS, WHU, and HHL - how well do you think you fulfill the criteria of these schools? And where do you have doubts?

          Best wishes

          • Posted by - DG - on 29 December 2014 - 7:57pm

            yes i have, i am just about their average GMAT and thats exactly the problem !

            I am worried about my graduation GPA - which, according to my hometown is good but i am not so sure about them and then there are my backlogs!

            • Posted by - DG - on 11 March 2015 - 3:21pm

              Dear Thomas,

              I am back after a long time. I was going through my old messages. I remember replying to this message but now it does not show. Maybe some glitch. Anyway my reply is as follows:

              About the backlogs....some Bschools ask for transcripts which come from the university and they will include all mark sheets.

              I was not the top 10% of my class, if you look at my grades its pretty average.
              But I was an above average student in school. (still not the top 10%)

              During college I started my own company, managed my fathers business and did a lot of other activities and thus my grades were average.

              I am yet to give my gmat and it will probably be 620 or so

              I would have a go for the german schools WHU HHL EBS. ....... my only weapon is my work ex. and my only strength is my motivation. I know exactly what I want and why I want it. I guess it would all come down to the interview and weather i can convince the jury.
              I feel i would be a very good fit at WHU and vice-verse. I pray they understand my situation and treat my application unconventionally given the fact that the above 3 schools value entrepreneurial experience.

              What do you think? do admissions committees consider such cases or do they say " ohhhh so you are intelligent but sorry i will go the other guy ..... cas even thought he might be dum he has got a good gpa ! " (:P)

              • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 11 March 2015 - 9:10pm

                Hi there,

                as I mentioned earlier, I would directly ask the schools. Some may be more strict as for your academic records, some a bit less - you must try it out and just ask them if an application makes sense at all.

                I also recommend you to develop alternatives in case you don't get accepted. There are so many MIM programs and WHU is not the only one with an entrpreneurial approach. Given that your grades are your weakness and that grades is the number one criterion for top-ranked schools to select students, it may be wise to take also schools into account that are not in the top ten of the Financial Times Ranking...

                Best wishes

                By Thomas Graf
                Owner MIM Compass
                Author of the MIM eBook