Esade was on top of my list mainly for one reason: the teaching style.

Manuel Bertl, Germany
Institution:ESADE Business School
Program:Master in Finance

The first two terms of the programme are filled with key finance subjects, these are absolutely essential and give you a solid basis in all major finance topics. These subjects were an excellent preparation for the last term as well as my current job. After learning the basics during the first two terms, you can to choose freely between subjects, not only from the finance programme but also across all masters programmes, in the third term. In my opinion, this makes the third term the most enjoyable. Take advantage of it and sign up for some Marketing, Entrepreneurship, or Management classes. However, there is one part of the program that is even better, the study tour. Study tours are a great way to meet students from the other master programs, which is why I chose a study tour that was not dominated form one master’s programme. I spent one week in Santiago de Chile, getting lectures from central bankers, entrepreneurs and industry experts on the economy of South America. I also highly recommend taking the time to travel a bit before or after the study tour (most tours are outside Europe).

When I was applying for the programme, Esade was on top of my list mainly for one reason: the teaching style. I have always been a big fan of interactive teaching styles, like case studies and group work. Esade delivers exactly this, most classes are built around case studies and group works.

Diversity is probably the biggest strength of Esade. Yes, most business schools have 50+ nationalities in their programs, so why is ESADE special? The way the groups are formed and the programme is structured, you will have to work with people from not only other nationalities but also other programmes. In the first couple of weeks, this will require some adjustments but over time, you will develop skills to interact with different characters. Without realizing, I developed a set of intercultural skills that are crucial in a world that becomes ever more connected and international.

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