The main reason, I decided to participate in the MIM program at ESMT, is ESMT’s international scope!

Anna Wannhoff, Germany
Institution:ESMT Berlin
Program:Master in Management (MIM)

What did you do before the MIM program?

My name is Anna Wannhoff, I am 24 years old and I am originally coming from a small town in Germany, called Detmold. Before I started my MIM at ESMT, I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Business Psychology at Cologne Business School. During and after my studies in Cologne, I was able to complete several internships in various sectors. For example, I was able to work for MasterCard in Poland and Sydney, for a subsidiary of Audi called Audi Business Innovation, for a Mobility Start-up and for an IT Consultancy. Right now, I am working for Microsoft as a Working Student in the Product Marketing Management area.

Why did you decide to participate in the MIM program?

During my time at the Mobility Start-up in Munich, I joined one of ESMT’s Executive Education programs called “The Emerging Leaders Program”. During this 8-days-program in Germany and Greece, I developed insights and tools that helped me deal with the multifaceted contexts, in which leadership plays out while learning how effective leadership requires actively managing upwards, downwards, and laterally. Through intense interactions with faculty, peers, and professional actors, I was able to explore the ethical and psychological foundations of leadership.

After my participation in the Emerging Leaders Program at ESMT, I decided to also do my Master’s in Management at this university, as I was highly convinced by the university’s teaching methods of combining hands-on field work with solid applied coursework and research. In addition, the Master in Management program at ESMT Berlin is an
international program, which allowed me to take first steps in launching my global career by combining internships and a social impact project with applied coursework and research on the latest business and international management theories. Moreover, by dividing the program into two tracks with a focus on international management, I was able to deepen my knowledge as a creative and strategic thinker by being part of the Innovative Management Track.

Why did you chose ESMT?

First and main reason, I decided to participate in the MIM program at ESMT in September 2020, is ESMT’s international scope: With a faculty pool that is 80% non-German, ESMT Berlin is the most international business school in Germany. Also the possibility to study elective courses abroad, at one of ESMT’s many international partner institutions, was one reason I decided for the ESMT in Berlin. ESMT Berlin’s international exchange partners include IE University in Madrid (Spain), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), Bocconi University (Italy), the Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden), and the Smith School of Business, Queen’s University (Canada).

In addition, the ESMT Berlin is an excellent place to expand own management knowledge in order to take on leadership positions in the future. What we learn at ESMT is not only the skills we need for management, but also the skills we need for being a leader in today’s business world. My first opportunity to put my leadership skills intro practice was by joining different student initiatives. Since August 2021, I am the Co-Chair of the DigitalFuture Summit, which is one of the biggest networking events in Europe, fully organized by 48 entrepreneurial Master in Management students at ESMT Berlin. Besides the DigitalFuture Summit, ESMT’s student clubs and associations include the Innovation and Tech Club, the Net Impact Club and most recently, the ACI Consulting Club. Founded in 2020, the ACI Consulting Club is where students come together to build consulting projects with real companies and to really experience what it means to be a good consultant.

How was the application process?

After completing the Emerging Leaders Program at ESMT Berlin, I informed myself about the Master in Management Program at ESMT. I scheduled an introduction call with one of the Program Advisors and talked with him about my career, my personal and my learning goals. I quickly realized that the MIM program at ESMT Berlin is exactly what I wanted to do before jumping into the working world. With my Bachelor’s degree in Business Psychology, I really wanted to build upon this knowledge and expand my management skills.

Therefore, I applied at the End of November via the ESMT website. The process was really easy and fast. I prepared and updated my CV, I wrote a Motivational Letter and I collected reference letters from former employers and also from my bachelor thesis professor at the Cologne Business School. I really wanted to be prepared as much as possible. Within the next two weeks, the admission manager contacted me to schedule an interview. The call was very well structured, and I did not feel being interviewed, rather having a normal conversation, since I could clarify all of my remaining questions. In December, I received my confirmation for the MIM program and also for one of the Scholarships, which was fantastic and a great honor for me.

How was the first week in the program?

Given the current situation of an ongoing pandemic, the ESMT was challenged by onboarding incoming students in an online format. However, the ESMT did a great job and enabled us with digital get-togethers and small virtual celebrations to network and to get to know each other. Fastly and strongly our group of around 120 MIM students in
the MIM2020 badge grew together.

Our first lecture, which was Judgement and Decision-Making , was a really insightful class and by having many group exercises, we were also able to get to know each other even better. Moreover, we supported each other during intense assignment and exam times. Even though all of us are coming from different backgrounds and different countries, we share the same mission: from the heart of Europe, we want to become entrepreneurial leaders, who think globally and act responsibly through community, curiosity, courage, and rigor. And this is what you experience day by day when you enter the doors at Schloßplatz 1, in Berlin.

If you would like to know more about the way to become a student and the life at ESMT, please do not hesitate to contact me via LinkedIn or via mail:

Best regards,

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