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The Master in Global Management (MGM) is a two-year, pre-experience program, designed to enhance the skills developed during a student’s undergraduate studies, and how to apply them to economic analysis, product development, and new technology management within the global marketplace. Students with any previous degree are welcome to apply to the Master in Global Management. Admitted students can also choose to apply for a double degree with Yale University and spend their second year in the USA or an exchange with a partner university. The average age of MGM students is 23 with an average of 6 month’s of work experience (maximum 18 months post-graduation experience). Classes are around 120 students per year and average 80% international participants.

Key Focus Areas For The Master In Global Management:

  • Global Immersion: Become a truly global business leader through options like internship opportunities at one of ESMT's many corporate partners, take an academic term abroad at one of ESMT's top-ranked partners in Europe and beyond. Additionally take advantage of language training in German, French, Spanish or Chinese at our partner GLS Sprachenzentrum Berlin (German Language School Berlin).
  • Finance Certificate: As part of your elective course choice, you can opt to complete five advanced courses in Finance subjects with a focus on global investment strategies. You will be issued an ESMT Certificate in Finance in addition to your Master Degree.
  • Portfolio Management Program: The Portfolio Management Program (PMP) is an extracurricular project in which selected students actively manage a real-money portfolio of 1 million Euros per group with a total portfolio value of 3 million Euros. The concept of the PMP enables participants to combine theory and practice to develop real trading strategies on the open market.
  • Social Impact Project: The Social Impact Project is a four-month project with a five-week intensive field project as part of the Master in Global Management program. It offers students the opportunity to serve as an economic or management consultant for an organization with specific social impact objectives, such as a non-profit organization, a CSR department, a social entrepreneurship venture, or a social impact project of a for-profit organization.
Teaching ModeFull Time
Academic RequirementsNo academic background in business or economics required

Applicants with any academic background may apply.

Tuition Fees

32,000 €

Length24 Months
Application Deadline

Early decision deadline: March 31 (first chance to reserve your seat and a €2.000 tuition reduction)

Final deadline: July 31

ESMT Berlin operates on a rolling application basis and reviews applications as soon as they are complete.

Application Procedure
  • A previous degree (at least Bachelor's equivalent) with excellent grades. If you are finishing your undergraduate studies within the next year, your application will also be considered.
  • Ideally no more than 24 months of postgraduate work experience (excl. internships)
  • ESMT expects a score of 100 points in the TOEFL or 7.0 in the IELTS or 850 in the TOEIC. The ESMT TOEFL institution code is 8707. You will receive a waiver for the English proficiency test if English is your native language or if you have completed a university degree completely taught in English.
  • Proof of an above-average and well-balanced GMAT or GRE score. The GMAT/GRE requirement can be waived in case of strong evidence of outstanding quantitative skills
  • Completed application - including essays, one reference and €50 application fee
  • Individual interview in person or online
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