Esade truly aims to bring diversity into every aspect of student life.

Anna Hoertenhuber, Austria
Institution:ESADE Business School
Program:Master in International Management

Upon choosing, I felt like Esade represented a more future-oriented approach to teaching business than other universities, due to the emphasis that it puts on social and environmental topics. This, in combination with a good reputation and Barcelona as a location played a major role in my choice.

Esade truly aims to bring diversity into every aspect of student life. In my opinion, the fact that my class and teammates came from a variety of countries and professional backgrounds enriched discussions, as viewpoints were brought up that I would have never considered. Moreover, due to our diverse teams I learnt how to bridge cultural difference not only on a personal, but also professional level.

I consider my classmates, our discussions and the friends I made to be one of the most enriching aspects of my MSc experience. I am still in touch with most of them and hope to maintain these long-lasting friendships.

There are two things I consider essential to making the most out of your MSc experience at Esade. The first thing is to always maintain an open mind. Many times, I only understood the value of an exercise, class or method in hindsight. By drawing conclusions and judging too early learnings and important lessons can easily be missed. Second, your classmates and informal discussions are as much a source of learning as formal classes. Take advantage of the variety of people you meet throughout your MSc to broaden your horizon and build friendships.

The MSc definitely changed me both on a professional as well as personal level. After this year I feel like I have a deeper understanding of business as a whole and the various interconnections. Moreover, a lot of theoretical knowledge I had acquired during my Bachelor, was consolidated through practical examples and real-life case studies. On a more personal level, I feel more comfortable addressing issues in a team as well as setting priorities. However, I am convinced that many of these learnings will only start to surface throughout my professional career.

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