The opportunity to do an integrated semester abroad was also a decisive factor for me.

Kay Eichhorn-Schott, Germany
Institution:EBS Universität
Program:Master in Finance

What did you do prior to the MSc in Finance?

Prior to beginning my master degree in Finance, I was also awarded a bacher degree in General Management at EBS. In other words, I knew EBS very well before studying for my master.

Why did you choose this master programme?

The decision to take a Master in Finance degree was relatively easy, as I had already focussed on elective courses in finance during my bachelor studies. Moreover, not only my personal interest but also my various internships in the banking sector and my participation in the CFA programme influenced this decision considerably.

Why did you choose EBS?

As I already knew EBS from the bachelor programme, I was convinced that EBS also offers very practice-oriented teaching and an exacting curriculum in the master course. In addition, EBS is one of the few universities in Germany that offers a Master in Finance programme at all. The opportunity to do an integrated semester abroad was also a decisive factor for me.

Which experience did you make at the EBS during your master study programme?

We as students were able to put our knowledge into practice in a large variety of projects - often in international teams - thus benefitting from individual strengths and talents.

Looking back, how did you benefit from EBS and your master programme?

First of all, each student can benefit from EBS' good reputation and excellent teaching. It is also worth mentioning the great significance of the established network, both for the mid-term and long-term, from which the graduates can benefit at every stage of their professional careers. In addition, the master study programme is a further chance to make final adjustments to one's professional orientation.

What are you doing at present?

At present, I'm working at the Berenberg Bank in London as a graduate trainee in Equity Research.

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