A very good team of professors from both academy and private sector.

Jose Eduardo Mendoza Blanco, Venezuela
Institution:Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management (SBS-EM)
Program:Advanced Master in Quantitative Finance

What did you do before this Master?

Once I got my Computer Science degree (major in Applied Mathematics) I first had the opportunity to work in Meteorology at the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research. After 1 year, given my interest in Economy I started to work as a programmer and strategies analyst in a Forex Broker for about two years.

Why did you decide to do this Master?

After two years working as an algorithms developer at a retail FX broker, I had the chance to work together with traders and other financial experts, making my curiosity towards the financial sector to grow exponentially. Therefore, I decided that it was time for me to broaden my knowledge in the field, but at the same time I wanted to do it in such a way that I could take advantage of my background in both computer science and applied math. That was when I realized that an AdvancedMaster in Quantitative Finance was exactly what I needed for my career.

Why did you choose this school?

This Advanced Master offered by Solvay Brussels Schools provides you with the opportunity to get the tools you need to work as a quant during a very intensive 1 year program, which for me represented a huge advantage when compared with the typical 2 years master program. Moreover, they have managed to put together a very good team of professors, coming from both academy and private sector, which translates into a broader vision of the industry as whole. On a personal level, living in a very multicultural but human scale city like Brussels was a very interesting opportunity.

What did you experience during the program?

During my year in the Advanced Master I had the opportunity to interact in a very international and competitive environment. It was very enriching to see the evolution of my groups of colleagues, as well as my own, since we all came from very different backgrounds (math, physics, computer science, even political sciences) but we all had a set of goals and motivations in common. The intensive nature of the program makes you work hard in order to get good results, but the final reward is completely worth it.

How did you benefit from the program?

This program helped me to develop a wide set of skills not only related to quantitative finance. Focusing not only in the technicalities of pricing very complex derivatives, but also in how the markets itself works, or how regulation can have a big impact on the daily tasks of a quantitative analyst, helped me to become an integral professional. And those are lessons that I put in practice today in my everyday job when trying to address new challenges. Apart from that, my professional network has experienced a boost during and after my master. It is not only about what you learn, but also about the interesting people you meet and the opportunities they generate.

Why would you recommend this program to others?

The Advance master in quantitative finance helped me to understand the insights of what it means to be a quant. After this program I have not only improved my knowledge of financial products, risk and pricing, but I have also learn about the overall functioning of the markets as a whole. In my personal experience, this Advanced Master will give you the tools to enter an increasingly competitive financial sector with a comparative advantage.

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