I have a better reason for everything that I do and don't do now.

Ashwin Rubin, India
Institution:Kuehne Logistics University
Program:Master of Science (MSc) Global Logistics

What did you do before?

Before I joined KLU, I worked at Transcon Freight Systems Pvt. Ltd. in India for 3 years. I managed the company's trucking division.

Why did you decide to get a Master's degree?

Even though I was working in the field of logistics, I believed that it was important for me to have a formal education, so I could hold my ground amongst my peers and learn to think originally.

Why did you decide for this school?

I was on a business trip to Hamburg and the choice was down to 2 schools (Erasmus University NL and KLU). But when I came to Hamburg and met my counterparts, their professionalism and dedication made a very good impression on me. I decided the best way to emulate them was to learn from their culture, and decided to join KLU.

Which experiences did you gain during your course of study?

My previous experience had caused me to see with blinders when it came to the process of logistics - especially within the industrial world of trucking. Through my education, I think I have a better reason for everything that I do and don't do now. It's made me respect people and knowledge much more.

How did you profit from it afterward?

It got me a job! Today I work at Transcon Logistics BVBA, in Antwerp, Belgium. I'm the marketing manager for the 3PL operations that it conducts in Europe. And the program exposed me to a different culture, of which I am now a proud standard-bearer. Apart from that, the friendships I've made have given me some of the most thrilling experiences of my life. They will last me a lifetime.

Would you recommend the program?

Yes, to those willing to put in the work.

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University Profile:Kuehne Logistics University
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