Mixing business theory with the chance to think outside the box,

Pallavi Tekur, Indian
Institution:Warwick Business School
Program:MSc Management

"My background is Electronics and Communications Engineering. The MSc in Management is a very thought provoking course, consistently linking day to day products with business knowledge. The teaching style at Warwick Business School is very structured, mixing business theory with the chance to think outside the box and come up with our own analyses of a given situation.

There are abundant resources here, and a wide range of societies that organise events with professional firms giving us the chance to interact with real professionals and taste what the business world is all about.

The Careers Team is outstanding. There’s an excellent database, plus one-to-one sessions where they advise you on how to tailor your CV to specific firms. The WBS Careers Fair is one of the largest in the UK.

For me, WBS offered exactly the right combination of academic and social life. The atmosphere is incredibly student friendly. It allowed me to develop my creative thinking, while encouraging me to apply it to the real world."

Pallavi Tekur

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