Both the MA course and the Durham learning environment was crucial to me getting a good job.

Dominic Gains, Britain
Institution:Durham Business School
Program:MSc Management

After completing my Undergraduate degree in Politics I realised that I wanted to develop a better understanding of the business world. I had enjoyed my time in Durham as an undergraduate as it is a great place to live and so I looked at Durham Business School. The MA in Management seemed the perfect opportunity for me to acquire this business focus thanks to DBS's great reputation and the high level of teaching.

I chose the Management MA because I had little idea about the direction I wanted to go career wise. The wide range of modules available on the course really gave me an opportunity to get an understanding of several different aspects of business and also helped me learn what I enjoyed doing. By experiencing everything from Accounting to HR to Marketing from both a theoretical and organisational perspective I really felt a strong understanding of all areas of business.

This understanding was invaluable when it came to choosing a career. I had a good idea of what I enjoyed (Marketing) and the MA meant I was now confident enough in my business knowledge to perform well in my interviews. This meant I was able to get onto a strong graduate scheme with BT and enter into the Marketing world. I am in no doubt that how I developed as an individual thanks to both the MA course and the Durham learning environment was crucial to me getting a good job.

Dominic Gains

MA in Management

Durham Business School

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