I like the fact that each module is short but intense.

Naomi O’Donnell, Japan, Ireland, Switzerland
Institution:Imperial College Business School
Program:MSc Management

What did you do before this Masters?

During my gap year in 2016, I did a few internships. My first was for a luxury/fashion magazine in Paris where I was the assistant to the creative director. I analysed the Australian and Japanese cosmetics market for their latest project, which was to create a global database including all relevant professionals in the beauty industry.

I also did an internship in a marketing agency where I mostly researched and synthesised client data on excel and reported on weekly updates comparing forecast to actual conversion numbers.

From 2016-2020 I studied for my bachelor’s degree in management at HEC Lausanne.

Why did you decide to do this Masters?

First of all, my plan was always to do a master’s in management, as I would like to build a career in consultancy and more specifically in the luxury industry or perhaps as a Brand Manager.

The reason why I chose Imperial’s MSc International Management was because of the programme itself. The focus on leadership and “soft skills” is greater than in any similar programme offered by other business schools. Additionally, the opportunity to travel and partake in real-life consulting projects abroad was also an attractive element for me.

Despite not being able to capitalise on the travel element in 2020, we are still doing our consulting project remotely for companies located in South America, which has been a great way to gain international experience.

Why did you choose this school?

Part of my decision was Imperial College Business School’s location in London. In Switzerland (where I’m from) there are not that many job offers, therefore it is extremely competitive, and I believed that a big city like London would have more opportunities for me once I graduate. London also has a diverse range of companies as well as more opportunities in the luxury industry. Naturally, this led me to do my master’s here so I could immediately start working in the city once I am done with my studies. It is also a strategic move because companies generally prefer to hire people who are already in London.

The reputation of Imperiawas also a convincing factor for me as it is well known internationally.

What did you experience during the programme?

So far I have enjoyed the Leadership in Action Module as it is a bit of an unusual class. We had the opportunity to learn with horses, which I had never experienced before! The type of discussions led in class was also interesting and more interactive than other classes. It is an interesting module, and the second phase is completely different from the first phase.

The first phase taught me about the dos and don’ts of being a leader and how to improve myself to become the type of leader that I want to be, whereas the second phase is teaching me about design thinking which is more oriented towards the end-user rather than myself. I believe this module allowed me to improve my critical thinking.

Additionally, I really enjoyed Competitive and Corporate strategy. I had not studied strategy before so it was a new subject for me, and the professor was so passionate and funny that it made the lectures interesting.

I like the fact that each module is short but intense. I believe that it is the best way to prepare us for a variety of career paths. It is a management programme after all - so it is better to have a good understanding of a bit of everything rather than a heavy focus on one or two subjects.

How did you benefit from the programme?

Perhaps the most rewarding part for me is the fact that I moved to London for this programme and I am one step closer to beginning my career in the city I dreamed of for so long. The pandemic really made me doubt if I was going to be able to go through the whole process of moving countries and starting my Master’s, so it is truly rewarding just to be here.

I think Imperial College really tried their best for us to experience coming onto campus and meeting our classmates when restrictions permitted it, even if it was only once or twice a week. This is a new situation for everyone so of course there were a few hiccups but overall, I think they managed it as well as they could using their multi-mode delivery method.

I am also part of the luxury subcommittee of the FMCG, Luxury and Retail Club. I am very happy to be a part of this club as it aligns perfectly with my career goals. It is very useful because not only do we share tips for job opportunities in this industry but also talk about all the trends and have amazing guest speakers from world-renowned brands. It is very insightful.

Why would you recommend this programme to others?

I think this programme is great if you are thinking of pursuing a career in consultancyespecially. There are many workshops and modules oriented around consultancy, more than any other career path (at least so far), so if that’s the path you want to follow then I encourage you to apply for this programme.

I also really enjoy the diversity of our cohort and I wish I could have had the experience to go to class inperson every day to get to know them better. It is truly amazing how people from all around the world came to be a part of this programme, and demonstrates just how internationally appealing Imperial College Business School is.

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