I experienced some awesome people from around the world!

Maximilian Ruf, Germany
Institution:IE Business School
Program:Master in Management

What have you done before?

I worked for two years at Rocket Internet in Australia (Sydney), China (Beijing), and Germany (Berlin). My role was an entrepreneur in residence and CRM marketing manager. At Rocket Internet I got to known to all the various online marketing channels and also how to build a business from scratch and scale it at a certain point in the life cycle. Apart from that I also experienced what some people nowadays call hyper-growth, with more than 100% growth in monthly 30 days CLV over a period of more than half a year after the first half year of existence.

Why did I decide to do the Masters in Management (MIM)?

I chose the Master specifically to extend my network, get supported for starting up with my own social flirt app (FLATTER), and simply have a great time with diverse people.

Why did I decide on the IE Business School?

Focus on entrepreneurship, Area 31, Madrid as a great city, and digital business as the option to choose from during specialization.

What experiences did you gain during the program?

I experienced some awesome people from around the world, with whom it was always a great time talking to during class breaks and offline activities. Furthermore I saw various opinions about this world thrown into one pot, pushed towards a single goal, which created an atmosphere of positive stress, feel of community and also the learning of failure.

How did you profit from it afterwards?

I think I know at least one person on every continent now, with who I could catch up when I pass by. The reputation of the school helps here and there. But my biggest learning comes from all the mistakes I made on the way.

Would you recommend it?

You meet people from all over the world, out of which the most don`t seem to be the classic business school type of people. Finally you get the chance to have a diverse community on a very condensed space, having a similar goal. I think this prepares you for the modern world.

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