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Adam Nosal, Poland
Institution:Bocconi University
Program:MSc in Mangement

Why did you choose to attend a Msc at Bocconi? What makes this particular education fit you and your needs?

The are numerous reasons for which I chose my program and school: my satisfaction with the undergraduate program (I graduated from a bachelor program in Business Administration from Università Bocconi) as well as extensive knowledge and familiarity with the career opportunities that the university offers was one of the most important determinants.

As for the choice of the degree the driving factor was the nature of the study field. I wanted an undisrupted continuation of my general economics education that I received during the undergraduate program so that my master would be in relevant field. At the same time I wanted to be offered a more intense focus on a specific field of economics so that I could specialize in the area of biggest interest and gain more professional tools and skills so required by the job market.

Finally, the dynamic environment of the university, its international orientation, its prestige and my familiarity with the procedures and witnessed success of the program graduates ultimately cemented my choice.

What courses are you studying?

The Masters program is designed in such a way as to train a specialized graduate in the economics of innovation and new technologies supplying him with necessary tools and skills for performing market analysis with profound understanding of the dynamism of innovative sectors. Thus, the core courses devote to exploring the theoretical side such as economic nature of innovation, innovation dynamics, insight across different innovative sectors and economics of knowledge, all to provide a thorough understanding of innovative markets. From the practical side the program has courses aimed at developing managerial tools for managing disruptive technologies and highly-innovative product development/commercialization such as state-of-the-art managerial practices, tools and models as well as statistical data analysis and modeling.

The program has an approach which is multi-disciplinary enough to train a graduate with profound expertise in innovation issues. Intellectual property law, economic history and industrial economics greatly complement the core courses. Internship as part of the program helps the student to put his skills and knowledge in practice. Finally, an unrestricted choice of elective courses constituting around 50% of the second year credits allowed me to give my academic and professional career a desired direction. I could choose to specialize further, gain more general approach or deviate towards more financial career. The span of electives is very broad, from stochastic mathematics through tax law to corporations management. Such a choice allowed me to pursue courses that I liked most or believed would contribute most to my career prospects. The latter are quite interesting since I gained education and skills required across various sectors. I would feel comfortable as a researcher, market analyst, financial analyst or a general consultant.

What is the layout of your program? Are there practical elements? Technical work? Exams? Group work? Etc.

It's a two year program. The first year you are suposed to follow the obligatory classes that dwell indepth into the subject of innovation, international financial markets, industrial organization and intellectual property rights. After the first year I was free to choose the elective courses that best suited my career. Some classes are lectures with practictical laboratories during which we applied the theory into a real life problems. Most of the courses though require group working, case study solving and presentations. Each course ends with a final exam which usually is a weighted average of your class participation score, papers and group working.

Througthout the duration of the program we are supposed to get some on hand experience, preferably by doing an internship of your choice. I spent three months at the UN working for the Economic and Social Council and that gave me a great insight into the real life of an international institution.

What is your opinion of the teachers? Classes?

Many professors in my program were world-wide experts and had a well-grounded experience in the subjects they taught. I was always free to contact them directly after class in case I needed any further explanations. Our program was specifically coordinated by the course director who served as a liaison between the class and the faculty.

Did you attend an exchange program abroad?

I have done my undergraduate exchange program in Morocco where I moved for a semester. I had no problem finding new friends and immersing myself without friction into the local student environment. The university assisted me with finding housing. I regard this experience as a breakthrough in the development of my international culture and a very valuable academic and personal experience. I have just concluded another exchange program, this time at the Master level, in Buenos Aires where I have mastered the language and confronted my skills with Latin American approach. A student is independent enough to orgainise his time according to his needs and desires therefore I had no problems socialising or finding free time.

During the studies at Bocconi in Milan I have traveled extensively across Europe to visit friends and family; internships in the US and Thailand helped in making me more confident and comfortable on international arena.

What is your dream job? What career opportunities do you have on graduation?

My long-term career goal is to work in an international company that would allow me to travel and further develop my interests. Upon graduation Bocconi assists you with finding an internship or a permanent position. Our career service has weekly job offers throughout Italy and Europe.

Why do you think this education will lead you to your dream job?

There are three things about my education that make me believe it will lead me to my dream job: first is the school prestige and recognized state-of-the-art student training;

Second is the plethora of opportunities that the university offers and which I ripped for the benefit of my personal/academic/professional development. Finally, the international and very dynamic environment as well as high flexibility that makes the student very independent is what catalyzed my personal growth and laid grounds for my confidence.

Why would you recommend the school/program to others?

There are various reasons for which the school deserves highest recommendation. First is its international prestige and specialization in training entrepreneurs, economics and financial professionalists. Second are the opportunities it offers (exchange programs, internships, placements, in-company training, double degrees, etc) to develop your career and unleash your potential. Third is the financial aid and scholarship it offers that eases the student struggle for development in an unparalleled way. Fourth is the level of independence that the university grants to a student. This unlocked freedom for shaping your own career and profile results in a very customized and individualized development paths that are just optimal for a student given his desires and capabilities. Fifth is its international and dynamic environment full of challenges and new perspectives contributing to both academic and social life. Sixth is the social life itself. Flexible curriculum, highly integrated students, Italian extravert culture as well as the city of Milan ensures top quality of student social life.

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