Master in Finance at Bocconi: a truly international environment, from class-mates to professors.

Emmanouil Danezis, Greece
Institution:Bocconi University
Program:MSc in Finance

What led me to study the Master in Finance an Bocconi?

Two main reasons led me to apply to Bocconi University. Firstly, Bocconi has a great reputation among business schools, not only in Italy, but also around Europe and the world. In addition, when I made my application, Bocconi had already in place undergraduate programmes taught entirely in English, which I though it would provide me with the tools necessary to compete in an increasingly global environment. Secondly, a more personal reason which led me to apply to Bocconi, was the fact that my grandfather had graduated from Bocconi during the late 1920s. He had such a great experience here, that I also wanted to live.

Regarding my educational background, I attended the three-year undergraduate programme in business administration and after that I continued with the two-year master of science programme (MSc) with a focus on corporate finance. Studying in Bocconi was exciting for various reasons. One of them is the truly international environment, from class-mates to professors, in which students live. I believe that this has helped me a lot being more open to different point of views, learning from the experiences of my classmates and ultimately improving myself.

What's different at Bocconi University?

From an educational stand point, Bocconi has differentiated itself from the other business schools mainly due to two things. Firstly, the faculty comprises some of the best professors around the world, thus allowing students to learn from the best. In addition, the majority of Bocconi's faculty has a long professional career, allowing students to understand also the practical part of different subjects.

Secondly, Bocconi has achieved to establish relations with some of the best business schools around the world and provide its students with various educational opportunities abroad. Personally, I had the opportunity to attend an exchange programme during the MSc programme, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

How did I profit from the MSc in Finance at Bocconi?

Finally, Bocconi places a strong emphasis on getting students familiar with the work environment early on and having a wide range of companies presenting their recruitment programmes on campus on a regular basis.

As far as my work experience, I completed a three-month internship during the summer of 2008 at EFG Eurobank, a Greek commercial bank, in Athens, Greece. Immediately after I graduated from the Master in Finance, in March 2009, I started a three-month internship at UniCredit Group in Milan. After that, I joined Idea Capital Funds, a private equity firm, in Milan.

Emmanouil Danezis
Graduate 2009, Master in Finance
Università Bocconi

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