RSM has a good reputation among all employers.

Wouter Vincken, The Netherlands
Institution:RSM - Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
Program:MSc in Strategic Management

How did you profit from the MSc Strategic Management at the RSM?

My studies at RSM definitely played a role in finding this job. First, RSM is well known and has a good reputation among employers , which might be the first advantage when trying to contact an organisation. Second, RSM provides multiple opportunities to get in contact with companies as well. Examples of these are guest lectures from KLM, Unilever, Roland Berger and Accenture; companyassignments from Port of Rotterdam and NationaleNederlanden; and the big campus recruitment events such as Erasmus Recruitment Days and STAR Management Week.

Did you know before your studies what you wanted to do afterwards?

Not really... At the beginning of my master studies I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do, I just knew that strategy and higher management issues interested me due to the impact and the importance of decisions for both smaller and bigger organisations.

How did you find out what you want to do after graduation?

During the Erasmus Recruitment Days in February I visited multiple company presentations, mostly focusing on consultancies and traineeships from multinationals. After talking to other students I also had a better idea of what would best suit me. The diverse projects, the possibility to experience the work, and to give advice to multiple organisations in a short period of time made me decide to further explore the world of consultancy.

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