I liked the perspective on sustainability in the broad sense of people AND planet AND profit.

Annique de Greef, The Netherlands
Institution:RSM - Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
Program:MSc Global Business & Sustainability

Why did you decide for the MSc Global Business & Stakeholder Management at RSM?

During my study exchange to Indonesia I realised I wanted to do a master focusing on sustainability. When looking for master studies in the Netherlands and in other countries, I found this master programme to be most suitable for me for three reasons:

  1. It is taught from a business perspective and focuses on the integration of sustainability in business models, in comparison to many other sustainability oriented master programmes which focus more on the technical aspects of sustainability.
  2. It looks at sustainability in the broad sense of people AND planet AND profit, and doesn't just focus on only one of these parts.
  3. Particularly with sustainability there are many stakeholders to be managed; this is integral part of successfully changing towards a more sustainable business, which is what this master programme acknowledges. All in all, this was the only master programme I found that is teaching sustainability from these perspectives, and it made my choice an easy one.

What did you learn?

My bachelor studies in International Business Administration focused on all areas of international business such as HR, finance and purchasing. In the MSc Global Business and Stakeholder Management programme, sustainability is always is the key topic around which all other courses are based. Even though the courses look at different aspects of sustainability, for example strategy or stakeholder management, sustainability is always the main topic.

Tell us a bit about your next steps and plans?

I have just been selected to do a six-month internship in the Global Innovation team at Heineken International, which I will start in June 2015 after finishing my thesis. After the internship I plan to start a management traineeship or job in an organisation where sustainability is in their core values and business; I’d like to be part of the team driving sustainability in all projects of the business and supply chain.

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