The programme offered interesting classes, great lecturers and is also well-ranked.

Inès Kissany, France
Institution:RSM - Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
Program:MSc in Human Resource Management

Why did you choose the MSc in Human Resources Management at the RSM?

I chose RSM because of its international aspect. During the BSc open day five years ago, I really admired how many international students and exchange partners RSM has,and the international job opportunities it offers. RSM also has a very good Financial Times ranking, and is affordable. I chose the MSc in HRM because I am fascinated by psychology. The programme offered interesting classes, great lecturers and is also well-ranked.

What did you like the most?

I particularly enjoyed the content of the classes, and the small size of the programme which creates a really nice atmosphere. My favourite classes were: "building healthy organisations for optimal human performance" and "managing people".

What about your classmates?

My fellow students were really lovely. The advantage of being such a small master is that you get to know everyone personally fast and that classes are very interactive.

Any recommendation for future RSM students?

The master offers so many opportunities to do "your own thing", by choosing your own thesis and electives for instance. As this is the time right before you are going to work, it's really a turning point and I think it’s a good year to take time to reflect upon what you want, what drives you, and what you love.

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