An entrance into a world where I believe I can affect change.

Zuzana Karlubikova, Slovakia
Institution:University of St.Gallen, IfB
Program:Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management (SIM-HSG)

SIM is the only renowned programme I know of that not only bridges theory and practice but also adds a social aspect to its excellent management education. It educates its students to be responsible citizens of a world facing growing environmental, demographic and social challenges.

Before joining SIM, I would not have imagined that I could experience what it takes, as part of a team, to start a project that can have a true impact on people. SIM taught me and my colleagues that we can come up with a vast amount of ideas on how to improve the world around usif we want to; that we are smart and powerful enough to make such projects successful; and that, in collaboration with each other, we can make sure that these projects live on and bring sustainable changes to the world, even if we cannot always play an active role in them.

For me,SIM is not simply a 1.5-year-long master’s programme. Instead, it is an entrance into a world where I believe I can affect change – slowly, surely, together. For me it has been the best choice, as I could start applying all the values SIM has reinforced in me, such as responsibility, humility, and respect, to my workplace. And then, potentially, I may be able to contribute to changing an industry to become more environmentally and socially responsible.

SIM is about giving and doing more than you are expected to or would do in your normal life. It is about getting out of your comfort zone, dealing with unexpected situations, and,so to speak,jumping into the deep end. At the same time,it is about experiencing enormously thrilling and exciting moments, with extremely bright classmates who will turn into your best friends. After becoming a SIM student, you will be more than a temporary master’sstudent,you will become a member of a community that will become a second family to you – a family that you chose.

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