I wouldn't have made it to where I am today without this Master program.

Judith Rathke, Germany
Institution:ESB Business School
Program:MA European Management Studies

What did you do before this Master?

I studied Business & Economics and graduated as a Bachelor of Science at University of Hohenheim.

Why did you decide to do this Master?

After pursuing a rather theoretical bachelor’s degree, I wanted to enlarge my knowledge in a scientific and practical way. This M.Sc program offered me an outstanding curriculum in an international surrounding, compact in one year.

Why did you choose this school?

The ESB Business School has a very strong reputation amongst national and international companies. I really wanted to get to know the ESB spirit, in order to develop on a personal and on a professional level.

What did you experience during the program?

I found extraordinary friends and colleagues, worked with open and supportive professors, and learned the application of theoretical skills on business scenarios. Furthermore, I got to know four important ESB success drivers: hard work will be rewarded, supporting others in ESB activities is going to teach you real leadership, the ESB network wisely can be a major career drivers, and reaching for the stars will push your career mindset beyond boarders.

How did you benefit from the program?

I have benefited in several ways. On a personal level, I learned a variety of things about myself. Professionally speaking, I wouldn't have made it to where I am today without this Master program.

Why would you recommend this program to others?

This Master program truly delivers what it promises. It is a great combination of science, studies in an international environment as well as interesting, diverse people. I would choose this program immediately again!

Judith Rathke
French-German Track

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