I highly recommend you experience this program.

Huong Do Thu, Vietnam
Institution:Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management (SBS-EM)
Program:Advanced Master in Creativity & Marketing

I'm Huong from Vietnam, a graduate from the Advanced Master in Creativity & Marketing of Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management in 2014. It's my honor to be one of the first graduates in this Advanced Master, which has brought me bigger opportunities for my career.

What you have you done before your Master?

Before, I worked as a Digital Marketeer and Copywriter for almost all start-up companies penetrating their market overseas. However, I didn't have an academic background in the Marketing field, that's why I wanted to bring me to the next level - professionalize myself. To my disappointment, I couldn't find any program that fits my need because most of them taught the old methods of Marketing strategies. I wanted something ahead of time.

Why did you decide for this Master?

When I was about to quit my research, I found out this program on my Facebook timeline with a captivating headline "Advanced Master in Creative Marketing - Are you ready to change?" That's why the story began with me in Solvay Brussels School. The school itself is prestigious in Belgium as well as among the European Community so employers are really open to meet candidates graduated from this school. Hence, why not?

How did you benefit from it?

During the program, I learned a lot, but not only from professors but also from my multi-national class, from my mentors during Internships, and of course from the good & bad time that you had to go through by yourself. From the beginning, many people will be shocked because of the teaching method of a business school - you're thrown in the deep river which requires you to swim to survive. If you survive, you will become professional swimmers.

Why would you recommend it?

What I benefit from the program, therefore, is about learning how to survive and thrive in any circumstance. As time is liquid and the world is changing fast so you need a gut to change with it. I highly recommend you experience this program if you want to sharpen your gut. Good luck!

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