This Master has led to a valuable professional network.

Franz Klager, Austria
Institution:International Partnership of Business Schools (IPBS)
Program:Master of Science International Management (MIM)

1. What did you do before this Master?

Before I participated in the Master in International Management (MIM) by IPBS is studied Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business with majors in Finance and Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

2. Why did you decide to do this Master?

I chose the IPBS-MIM program as I did not only want to learn about international business and management but experience it at first hand and profit from the strong diversity in classes. The huge variety in our program with students having different cultural backgrounds, values and approaches opened new interesting perspectives and hence was enormous enriching.

3. Why did you choose this school?

The IPBS-MIM program is offered by six partner universities in different countries and continents out of which I could choose one for each semester. I finally chose the Northeastern University in Boston, USA and graduated at the Dublin City University in Ireland. Besides academic reasons – they both have an excellent reputation in their fields – my choice was also influence by the opportunity to live in extremely exciting cities and to develop a professional network for a potential career in these countries.

4. What did you experience during the program?

I experienced an exceptionally rewarding year both personally and professionally – ayear which has shaped me in so many ways. As mentioned before, the diversity of the program with students from different parts of the world offered interesting, new perspectives and also allowed to create an international network of friends. Furthermore, the program provided me through challenging courses and projects with the required tools and expertise to conduct business in an international context.

5. How did you benefit from the program?

Besides all the academic knowledge and skills I gained through the IPBS-MIM program, the most valuable learnings were intercultural skills and the ability to effectively adjust to new environments. During the program we had to familiarize ourselves with two new and in many ways different environments within a very short time. The two universities in the US and in Ireland allowed me to experience two completely different teaching and academic styles. While in the US there was often a very practical approach, the university in Ireland strongly emphasized on the scientific aspect and methodology. This mixture and view from both sides was a great benefit and helped me to develop adjustable working styles depending on the requirements. Finally, the program with students from different backgrounds sharpened my intercultural skills and taught me to effectively work in diverse teams. Especially in today’s business world these are in my opinion priceless skills that can otherwise not be obtained that easily.

6. Why would you recommend this program to others?

I can highly recommend this program as it provided me not only with a great academic education but also offered the opportunity to experience and master the challenges of conducting business in an international environment. And finally, this Master has led to a valuable professional network and many international friendships.

Franz Klager
USA-Ireland Track

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