Practicality of the classes and the contact with real companies.

Marta Argelagós, Spain
Institution:EADA Business School
Program:International Master in Management

EADA was ranked among the top 25 schools in Europe in the last Financial Times ranking. Was reputation a deciding factor when you chose where to study?

The rankings alone were not a deciding factor, but I understand that there are a series of related factors that go hand-in-hand with an institution’s reputation, like the quality of internship and job offers as well as the profiles of professionals that attend classes there.

What were the highlights of your International Master in Management experience?

Without a doubt, the practicality of the classes and the contact with real companies, which was enormously beneficial to my entrance into the labour market.

After finishing the Master, you had the opportunity to participate in "Imagine", a creativity centre organised in Silicon Valley, California. How did this opportunity arise?

I remember receiving an email from the programme director with the words "Silicon Valley" in the subject; this got my attention right away. Almost before I had finished reading the email, I had decided to apply. Imagine is a creativity centre that identifies problems and suggests world changing solutions. In every edition, 12 people (called “dreamers”) of different profiles are chosen. During the Imagine experience, the ideas are pursued by multidisciplinary teams, which work on 4 disruptive projects in the Silicon Valley environment for one month. In my case, I was sponsored to represent EADA.

Was this experience useful?

Very. My experience in Imagine was enriching both on a personal and professional level. It is difficult to describe the intensity of the work we did there for one month. We worked hard on the projects, participated in professional workshops from different sectors, and we visited all types of companies, from those just starting out to major players the size of Google. This was very inspiring.

We not only created business ideas in a short time, we learned not to give up, to learn from our mistakes, not to be afraid of putting ourselves out there and, in general, to never stop dreaming. When we finished the programme, we were charged with the responsibility of “spreading the virus of positivity”.

Now that you have finished the EADA Master, what do you think was the most important part?

That the people working in a business school take care of their students. This is one of the qualities that I appreciated most in EADA, which is actively involved in providing its students with the nest possible opportunities. EADA offers personalised follow-up and provides all the help its participants need.

Marta Argelagós
Digital Marketing and CRM, Danone

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