I had a great time and I learned at the same time.

Ronny Lubinscki, Uruguay
Institution:EADA Business School
Program:International Master in Management

How would you describe your experience at EADA?

I would say that my experience at EADA was amazing; I had a great time and I learned at the same time.

What was the highlight of your studies?

The highlight of my studies was my classmates. I learned the most from them, from their experiences and from their perspectives. There were more than 20 different nationalities in my class of 33 people. Their constant support and friendship and the non-competitive environment was the key to succeeding as a group. We were like a big family.

What role did EADA play in helping you to get your current job?

The company where I wanted to work was looking for a professional with experience in business modeling. I did not have the experience, but thanks to the business modeling course and the experience and support of the professor of that course, I managed to prove that I had the knowledge, expertise and potential to fill that position. EADA’s reputation and the excellent Financial Times ranking also gave me some leverage when negotiating benefits and salary.

How did your experience at EADA prepare you for this position?

The case study methodology gave me a practical mindset, which is fundamental to succeeding in the corporative world. Even though the theory looks very nice, decisions need to be taken based on the reality of a situation, taking into account practical solutions. I also learned the importance of teamwork. Synergies can only be created with more than one person, and those synergies are a consequence of complementary components.

Do you think the modules at the Residential Training Centre have influenced how you relate to your co-workers?

The Residential Training Centre is an amazing way of learning practical stuff like presenting in public, working in teams and selling yourself. As professionals, we have to remember that to fill a senior or middle management position, we have to feel confident presenting, leading people, and talking in public; that’s why the modules in the Residential Training Centre are so important.

Ronny Lubinscki
Economic Planning Coordinator, Logum Logistica SA
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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