The main benefit to me has been a "re-galvanisation" of my career purpose.

Robert Atkinson, United Kingdom
Institution:Hult Ashridge
Program:Masters in Business Analytics (Full-Time)

Why did you decide to do the Ashridge Masters in Sustainability and Responsibility (AMSR) programme?

For some years I’d been looking to find a Masters programme that would further my career by building on the work I’d done, by refreshing my knowledge and to try out new directions. I considered the more traditional programmes, like MBA’s, but the blend of AMSR’s sustainability, change and leadership content as well as it being part-time satisfied my requirements. It enabled me to continue working and to study at the same time.

Did you have any reservations before starting?

At the beginning of the programme the only reservations were whether it would be able to live up to my expectations and how I would be able to attend to its emphasis on action research. Early on there was also an emphasis on placing learning into the ‘personal sphere’, something very different from any education I’d experienced before. But now I am more than convinced of its intrinsic value.

What were the programme highlights for you?

Throughout the programme a wide variety of highly relevant issues were covered - although, refreshingly, it was very much up to us to determine which areas we found most important. Certainly I have left with many solid outputs and new methods relevant to my work. I feel the main benefit to me has been a ‘re-galvanisation’ of my career purpose and releasing the stagnation I had felt in my work.

How have you applied this to your work and organisation?

On a practical level I have applied a number of practices learnt through the programme in my workplace and in my projects. The reaction of clients has been overwhelmingly positive and I consider that much of what I have tried to apply has brought a new quality to my work. It has been challenging to provoke change in my organisation, but AMSR helps to arm you with an attitude of looking for a way through the difficulties.

What would you say to someone thinking of doing this programme?

I would say to someone who is considering joining this programme that if you are determined to build sustainability in your organisation and are prepared to ask tough questions of yourself and your own career then this is where you should look.

Robert Atkinson
Masters in Sustainability and Responsibility
Ashridge Business School

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