I gained access to jobs and companies not available for me before

Sophie Van der Stallen, Belgium
Institution:Vlerick Business School
Program:Masters in General Management

"Why did an art historian decide to do a Masters in General Management?" was a question I was often asked during my year at Vlerick. For a lot of people it seemed remarkable that somebody with no economics or quantitative background wanted to pursue a management education. And admittedly, my time during the programme was very intense and a lot of hard work but it was also all the more enriching and a lot of fun.

I could never have benefited as much from the programme without the many group assignments, purposely composed of complementary teams. I learned to work together with people from different backgrounds on various tasks, discovered their strengths and weaknesses, and - even more importantly - mine.

Having completed the programme I can answer people today that I am very happy to have made this choice. For me it was truly a life-changing experience that not only taught me to look at things from a much broader perspective but also gave me access to jobs and companies that were not available for me before.

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