Specialise in international business to get a marketing job in a multinational company.

Maren Krick, Germany
Institution:Alliance Manchester Business School
Program:Management MSc

There were several reasons for taking the Master in Management. Wanting to return to Germany after my degree, I did a Masters in order to increase my employability. A Master of Science (MSc) is a pre-requisite for most business jobs in Germany. I wanted to specialise in international business to help me get a marketing job in a multinational company. Importantly, this particular course was the only business management programme I found in the UK that didn't cover the subjects I'd already covered on my first degree.

The relatively small class size at Manchester Business School provided an ideal learning environment with good rapport between students and lecturers. The syllabus contained a diverse range of subjects equipping us with a range of skills necessary for different careers. The modules I found particularly useful later in my career include: the management and economics of the multinational company; international trade and international investment flows. I learnt a lot from the research I carried out for my dissertation although it was not directly related to my current role.

I'm now based in Frankfurt working in marketing for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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