You learn when you have the freedom to make mistakes - that's innovation.

Amrit Ryan Thind, United Kingdom
Institution:ESADE Business School
Program:Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

What is your backround?

I studied International Relations, majoring in political science which focuses predominantly on the foreign affairs of and relations among countries. Over the course of four years I studied the theoretical concepts underpinning the formation and interactions of social groups as well as the reality of contemporary global politics.

Why this Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship?

The innovation and entrepreneurship programme basically says that it will enable you to solve any problem in the business world that are you confronted with, so it’s the best preparation you can get for when you start your own business or join companies in need of innovative solutions.


ESADE is the only school I came across that truly understands what it is to be a budding entrepreneur and how this differs from other types of business. It was the right fit for me and that’s ultimately what matters; feeling identified with your fellow students and the professors, who really know their stuff!

What was the experience whilst studying this program?

You learn to work in groups, pursue your own projects and you start businesses or bring businesses to the point where you can start them. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes during the process and that’s when you learn. When you have the freedom to make mistakes, you innovate.

What were the main benefits of this Master for you?

My course in particular has so many people with interesting life stories, from literally all over the world, who bring a special energy to the programme. I love spending quality time with interesting people and here by deepening my relationships with my classmates, I learned a little bit more about the world every day.

What are you doing now?

I want to move into the Technology Industry. Tech is everywhere; in medical appliances and healthcare or in consumer goods and telecommunications. I am looking for a job where I can apply myself and get out into a dynamic and fast moving environment.

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