This course transforms students into socially conscientious global citizens.

Ariha Doshi, India
Institution:University of St.Gallen, IfB
Program:Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management (SIM-HSG)

Why did you choose the SIM?

I chose the Masters in Strategy and International Management (SIM) programme primarily because of its comprehensive course curriculum. It gives you exposure to strategy, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship and several other subjects. The assignments have a good blend of individual and group work. The SIM in Practice module allows you to apply the theory you've learned to real life practise. You get exposure into not only corporate work but also social development/entrepreneurship work. Graduating from such a holistic program, you are likely to have a more well-balanced personalitywhen compared to your peers.

One of the most exciting aspects of the SIM program is the SIMagination Challenge. This course transforms students into socially conscientious global citizens by directly exposing us to several problemsaround the world, such as the lack of education, lack of clean drinking water and lack of infrastructure and so on. As future leaders, we are likely to make more reliable and responsible decisions.

Whilst carefully evaluating various master’s programs, SIM clearly stood out as the most "international" program. Apart from a focus on international management, SIM includes aninternational social project, an international internship and an option to pursue an international exchange semester or a double degree program, even with an MBA. Additionally, the small class size fosters closer relations among students from various nationalities. This international setting ensures that students develop a global mindset, which is a must for future leaders and managers.

How have you benefitted from the program?

Prior to SIM, my education was mainly in the field of accountancy and finance. I was missing a more qualitative understanding of business, which was appropriately provided by SIM. Thus, SIM has given me a strong foundation on which to build my career. Furthermore, what I take away from the SIM program is international exposure, great travel experiences, lifelong friends,an opportunity to learn a new language, an understanding of the European way of life, and several intercultural experiences.

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