The SIM program has truly changed my perspectives.

Sinan Abdel Sattar, Switzerland/Egypt
Institution:University of St.Gallen, IfB
Program:Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management (SIM-HSG)

At seven years old, I had to face reality: My plan of becoming the Ambassador to Brazil was becoming more and more unfeasible for two major reasons. First, I was scared of flying, so my office would have had to be in my Swiss hometown. Second, I did not have a single drop of Brazilian blood. Fifteen years later, having freshly received myBachelor in Business Administration, I had a clearer idea of what I wanted for the future and chose to pursue the master’s programin Strategy and International Management (SIM) at the University of St.Gallen.

I chose the program for a variety of reasons, the most important being the quality of its curriculum, professors, and students, as well as its focus on responsible leadership in today’s world of fast-changing business and short-term incentives. All of the above have greatly contributed to the reputation of the program, which has been recognized by the Financial Times as the top Masters in Management worldwide for four consecutive years.

SIM offers a stimulating environment, where all parts of the program push to develop and improve students. In class, the status quo is challenged on a daily basis through case studies and lively discussions between professors and students. Outside the classroom, the SIM office constantly offers support and launches innovative initiatives to ensure that SIM students make the most, not only out of the program in St. Gallen, but also of life after graduation.

From the day I joined the SIM program, I have lived countless experiences that have helped me grow as a person, and as a future business leader. In St. Gallen, workshops and projects with top managers and CEOs of international companies have enabled me to develop teamwork skills and directly learn from highly experienced professionals. Outside of St. Gallen, I’ve had the opportunity to pursue one internship in the Philippines with the largest online startup incubator in the world and another internship in Europe witha leading FMCG company, where I was able to apply the skills learned in class and develop hands-on managerial capabilities. Not only that, I have had the chance to take part in a social project involving rural communities in Cambodia monitored from Switzerland with a field trip to meet the stakeholders. Last but not least, I was able to spend a semester on exchange in Mexico, learning about the Latin American business and cultural climate.

The SIM program has truly changed my perspectives on the business world,its actors, opportunities, challenges, and it has transformed my aspirations. Along the way, it has unlocked unique opportunities and enabled me to expandmy network with strong and passionate individuals.

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