It was worth it every time.

Pedro Mejia Guzman , Colombia
Institution:Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management (SBS-EM)
Program:Advanced Master in Innovation & Strategic Management

I am glad to be part of the Solvay Brussels School Alumni and to explaining to you why my Master studies were a transformational process to me.

Why did you decide for this Master?

My background in engineering gave me the tools and the theoretical approach to solve problems, but it did not teach me how to put them in practice, how to look for practical solutions in the real world. That is why I decided to pursue this program, fully taught in English: to expand my vision as an engineer and to realize that the world involves more actors, more complexity.

Why did you decide for the Solvay School?

Working in small groups, getting a closer relationship with the professors, taking the discussions to another level because it’s challenging to argue your point of view: the teaching methods and the Atmosphere enrich the experience. The fact that Solvay is located in Brussels, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, nurtures the multicultural atmosphere. The staff and the guest speakers are international, so the discussions imply many contexts, situation and places. I think I have seen study cases from at least 30 different countries. This program is not about management, but how to take it to the next level. It involves also a new way of thinking to break paradigms and to meet our needs in a systemic way with an innovative approach.

How did you profit from this Advanced Master?

After my graduation, I came back to my country (Colombia) and now I am working as a consultant in a company related to sustainability issues and environmental management, where clients are important energy companies but also from the public sector. This is how my Master at Solvay gave me the opportunity to transform myself, to expand my conception of the business world, to be able to work abroad and to grow up as an ambitious professional.

Why would you recommend the program?

Many good memories from my Business school, My classmates, the Solvay Staff and my professors. It was worth it every time.

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