This program gave me the tools I needed to boost my career.

Daphné Vlerick, Belgium
Institution:Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management (SBS-EM)
Program:Advanced Master in Creativity & Marketing

I’m Daphné Vlerick. I’m from Belgium. I was graduated from “Creativity & Marketing” at Solvay Brussels School in 2014.

What have you done before the Master?

Attract by art and science I acquired, in 2012, a master’s degree in architecture from ULB. Rapidly, I found a job in an architectural office but, after a few months, I felt a lack in my background as I wanted to grow professionally. I needed to learn more about our society before pursuing my career. It’s not easy to get back to school after having worked for some time because my expectations were higher about the content and the format.

Why did you decide for this Master?

Being in a fast paced society, I was looking for a master degree that fosters innovative and creative thinking. After looking for a long time for an accessible program that was completing my background, Solvay’s Advanced Master seems to be the perfect solution for me.

Why did you decide for the Solvay School?

As many other people, I had a hazy idea of what is marketing. The Advanced Master helped me discovering, throughout different relevant courses, the complexity of marketing. Thanks to innovative and inspiring teachers, I had the opportunity to discover an extremely creative world, always looking for learning, novelty and perseverance. Being totally novice in that field, each course had its role and its importance that enabled me to have a global and innovative perspective as well as understanding its impact on companies. More than simply academic, the diversity of my class gave me the chance to learn about new cultures and helped me build an international network (US, Pakistan, China, Venezuela, Austria…).

How did you benefit from this Master?

This year not only was an improvement in my professional life but also in my personal life. I indeed had the chance to discover how I work, learn and create with other people that are very different from me around very diverse and exciting field projects.

Why would you recommend it?

I believe this program gave me the tools I needed to boost my career on the international level and opened my horizons. I have now enough knowledge to work in diverse fields that cross architecture and marketing.

Thanks Solvay Brussels School!

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