Master’s degree in Global Logistics increased my attractiveness to the job market.

Kristoph Ullrich, Germany
Institution:Kuehne Logistics University
Program:Master of Science (MSc) Global Logistics

What did you do before?

I studied Business Administration in Germany (Mannheim) and worked in the chemical and retailing industries.

Why did you decide to get a Master in Global Logistics?

During my undergraduate studies I focused on Marketing and Finance. However, during my studies and, particularly, while I was working, I decided that I definitely want to learn more about company operations as well as the entire flow of information and goods through organizational supply chains. That’s why I decided to continue studying and to focus on supply chain and operations management. In addition to my interest in these fields, I have always wanted to do my PhD at some point. A Master’s degree is not only a formal requirement for entering PhD programs at most universities, but is also the perfect preparation for the future – a career in either academia or industry.

Why did you decide for the Kühne Logistics University?

The interdisciplinary approach of KLU’s program in combination with an international focus, as well as excellent working conditions (e.g. very small groups, a lot of case study work, brilliant campus infrastructure) were very convincing to me. And right from the beginning, KLU appointed distinguished faculty members whose publications underscore the emphasis on serious research at this institution. Last but not least, I have to admit that the charming environment of Hamburg was another argument for me to study at KLU.

Which experiences did you gain during your course of study?

Aside from a lot of professional knowledge, probably the most insightful experiences during my time at KLU have come from working with my colleagues. They have very diverse cultural and educational backgrounds so it was definitely not always easy. J I am convinced that I learned a lot with regard to different cultures and ways of thinking – I also have made many new friends. This intercultural experience continued during my studies abroad in amazing Shanghai, which broadened my horizons in every sense. Another great experience was the chance to do an internship and my master thesis with an internationally well-known management and technology consultancy. During this time, I was allowed to apply my knowledge to solve “real-world problems” and received confirmation that the content we deal with at the university is highly relevant and up to date.

How did you profit from it afterward?

The Master’s degree in Global Logistics increased my attractiveness to the job market – as indicated by some great job offers which I received before completing my studies. However, I decided to stay at the Kühne Logistics University and pursue my PhD. Despite all the research which has been conducted in the field of supply chain management and logistics in recent years, it is still my impression and belief that a lot of research still has to be done. I feel properly prepared for this challenge and will try to contribute with my work.

Would you recommend the program?



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