I have gained a great competitive advantage over many professionals.

Jose Hincapié, Colombia
Institution:Kuehne Logistics University
Program:Master of Science (MSc) Global Logistics

What did you do before?

I studied Production Engineering in Colombia and worked in the manufacturing and mining sectors for 6 years.

Why did you decide to get a Master's degree?

To improve my competitiveness in the labor market. Also, I wanted to study in a program that combines the business and industrial worlds.

Why did you decide for this school?

Because of its competitive academic program, its high-quality professors, the internship, and the trimester abroad. Also, because you have the opportunity to live logistics in one of the most important ports in the world: Hamburg.

Which experiences did you gain during your course of study?

The multicultural experience with professionals with very different backgrounds and the experience of traveling to many different places in the world (China).

How did you profit from it afterward?

Culturally, I learned to understand many different cultures, which gives any professional the advantage of working in multicultural teams. Professionally, it opened great job opportunities in different fields. Today I am working for the Colombian government, designing policies and strategies that will strengthen the logistics performance of the country. It has given me great satisfaction because I feel that I am giving something back to my country, it gives me the chance to participate in strategic projects for the nation, I have met important people from the government and from private companies and it has given me the chance to keep traveling around the world.

Would you recommend the program?

Sure! I believe I have gained a great competitive advantage over many professionals in my field.

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University Profile:Kuehne Logistics University
MIM-Profile::Master of Science (MSc) Global Logistics

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