Vlerick's Master in Marketing - packed with challenges, experiences and emotions.

Giulia Gasperi, Italy
Institution:Vlerick Business School
Program:Masters in Marketing Management

"Trying to summarize my Vlerick year in a couple of sentences is not exactly an easy task, and if it was only one sentence, I would probably quote Max Groucho: “Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”

The entire year was packed with challenges, experiences and emotions. Coming from a quite theoretical background in economics, I was happy to realise that the Masters in Marketing Management had a wide range of practical experiences to offer.

Whether brief assignments or month-long projects, each was a window on the world of business, if not a stepping stone… In my case, both the market research module and the in-company project were a crucial element when it came to deciding on my future career.

Most importantly, as an international student I quickly felt at home: not only because of the School’s welcoming atmosphere, but also because of the people. Experienced and inspiring faculty members, warm and friendly Vlerick staff and precious new friendships made it a truly unforgettable year."

Giulia Gasperi

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