Master the GMAT: Is a GMAT of 610 sufficient for a Master in Management (MIM)?

Published: 30 June 2017 | by Thomas Graf

Most business schools require the GMAT - the Graduate Management Admission Test - from applicants of Master in Management (MiM) and MBA programs. The test scores range from 200 to 800 with 800 being the maximum.

Knowing what the test is to master the GMAT

The GMAT includes two essays, a verbal part, and a quantitative part. The difficulty hereby is not in the questions themselves but in the time pressure. On average you have 2 minutes for each question - not much if you should answer something like "Imagine you have 2 liters of oil and 3 liters of water. How many liters of wine and beer should you add so that you have a final mixture of 2:3:1:4?".