Hult News

Published: 26 June 2017 | by Thomas Graf

Should Business Schools provide more than capabilities for making money? Hult International Business School decided to go beyond the traditional business education á la Milton Friedman's essay from 1970 ("The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits") and implements a yearly Case Competition that focuses on improving the world.

The Hult Global Case Challenge attracted 350 educational institutions worldwide to develop solutions for three NGOs and their current challenges: "One Laptop Per Child" (provides low-cost computers to children); "Habitat for Humanity" (builds affordable housing); and "SolarAid" (brings renewable energy to impoverished communities).

A panel of high-profile judges selected the winners in education, housing and energy. The judges include Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, Unilever Chairman Michael Treschow, social entrepreneur Darell Hammond, and the CEOs of the three NGOs.

I decided to drop this information here at the MIM COMPASS even though it is not directly related to Masters in Management. Why? Because sometimes the institution itself, its activities, and culture may also play a role for the decision about a specific program.

Thomas Graf

Founder of the MIM COMPASS