which one to attend?

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  • Posted by alfonso on 07/15/12 9:20pm


    I have applied to five institutions to do my master in management/international business, the institutions are the following:

    Universidade Catolica Portuguesa (Lisbon)
    Universita Cattolica Sacro Cuore di Milano
    Business School of Lausanne, BSL.
    INSEEC Bordeaux
    Università delle Svizzera italiana (University of Lugano)

    my question is if i could get some advice to which one to attend as by the end of July i should have the answer of every school wether I have got in or not. Also some of them do not appear in any ranking however their prospectus looks very attractive.

    any sort of advice will be more than appreciated.

    thank you.


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/16/12 7:04pm

      Hi Alfonso,

      thank you for your question. One approach would be: In which country would you like to work directly after graduation?

      You have applied to schools in Portugal, France, Switzerland, and Italy. Most MIM graduates find a job and start their career after graduation in the country of the campus, likely because of the school's connections to regionally based firms.

      Another approach could be: In which industry and function do you want to work later on? Maybe you even have some favorite firms? Well, if your business school has no connection to that industry it may not be very helpful for your career goal.

      School can build connections to industries and let you profit from these connections by career services. So, I would recommend you asking the career service teams of the respective programs about where their students started their career after graduation and which firms come to campus. If no one ever found a job in your industry or now firm comes to campus that is interesting for you... well.. maybe not your program.

      Moreover, if you have a favorite employer you could call him or his competitor and ask the HR people if they know your school and recruit from it. If they don't know it or even disregard it - well, maybe not your program....

      Finally, try to get in contact with current students and alumni and interview them about everything you are interested in - and most importantly about whether they would choose the program again :)

      So, four recommmendations that should help you get a clearer picture about what's the right program for YOU.

      Best wishes

    • Posted by alfonso on 07/18/12 6:40pm

      Hi Thomas,

      First of all thank You for your advice, actually i have been following your advices and there a couple of institutions that i am not interested anymore. However i have another question and is, which is the difference between a MIM and a MIB ( Master in international business) as looking to the subjects and focus they are pretty much the same or very similar from the Masters i am applying.

      Thank You.


      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/19/12 2:26am

        Dear Alfonso,

        I have checked several schools that offer Masters in Management and Masters in Business or Masters in International Business. There may be exceptions but my overall impression is the same as yours: that these programs do not fundamentaly differ.

        If a school offers both, MIM and MIB programs, they are differently structured (e.g. program length) or they may have different requirements (e.g. one only for graduates with a business degree, the other one open for graduates from any academic agrea).

        These more formal differences, however, can have impacts on the content. A program that requires a first degree in business, for instance, can dive deeper into the content from the beginning on than a program that is open for graduates from all areas and accordingly has to start with the management basics.

        But these differences are the same among Master in Management programs as well - here you also have programs with different requirements and accordingyl different structures or curriculum designs.

        In general, there does not seem to be a fundamental difference between Masters in Management and Masters in Business. Both of them have a general management approach - and that's why we integrate them all under the label MIM and General Management in this platform.

        If I was you, I would focus on the requirements (are you eligible?), the content of the courses (interesting for you?), and the structure of the program (internships involved? electives or specialization opportunities? etc.).

        If oyu have a first degree in business or economics I would choose a program that requires this. You simply avoid redundancies between the MIM and your undergrads then.

        Best wishes

    • Posted by alfonso on 07/20/12 11:57am

      Thank you very much for your time and very helpful advices.

      Best regards