School choice question

School selection
  • Posted by nigermanson on 04/07/11 12:53pm

    I've been accepted to both HULT and IE business schools for a MiM(MiB) programs.
    I do understand that IE has better ratings and is considered to be one of the Top schools, but is this enoughs to choose Spain instead of the USA, which is thought to be a better place to study?

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 04/07/11 1:29pm


      First of all: Congrats for the acceptance at Hult and IE. This is great!

      With respect to your question, I would distinguish between career and personal questions:

      1. The key career questions are:

      a) Is your future employer aware of the school's reputation?
      Both schools have a good reputation: The IE is in the top ten in Europe as a business school as well as for MBA programs - and they made it also into the Business Week top ten. This is awesome.

      Hult certainly can not show these positions but made a good job in climbing up the ladder regarding specific ranking dimensions such as "career progress" or "post graduation salary increase".

      But does your future employer know the schools's names and their reputation? By the way, both schools are not in the FT Master in Management Ranking - which does not mean that the programs are bad.

      b) If your future employer is aware of the schools, how does he evaluate them?
      Does he recruit on the campus? Does he have experiences with graduates from there?

      c) Does your future employer see any differences between Hult and IE?
      For instance, is he aware that IE is ranked higher? Does he perceive the school as being better, therefore, and prefer graduates from there?

      You should make a list of potential future employers and ask them (call the HR department and openly say who you are and what your concern is). In additin, I would speak to the IE and Hult and ask them about their experiences with your potential target employers.

      If you do not know about potential future employers, then it is more difficult to answer your question. Then I would still...

      • talk to IE and Hult and ask them about the companies that their graduates work for after graduation (are these companies attractive to you?)
      • maybe consider the region you want to work in the future: If it is the US, Hult MAY (not sure!) be the better option, in South America maybe the IE.

      2. The big personal questions are:

      • Where do you feel more comfortable? Visit the campuses before deciding.
      • Which other criteria are important for you? e.g. internationality of students, exchange with other schools, in-company projects, specializations - have a closer look on IE and Hult
      • Talk to alumni: What can they tell you about their experiences?

      I hope these thoughts can help you.

      Best wishes

    • Posted by nigermanson on 04/07/11 2:08pm

      Dear Thomas,
      Thank you very much for your thorough answer. It is most helpful.