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  • Posted by - meremortal - on 5 April 2014 - 7:57am


    I am in 3rd year pursuing B.Tech Mechanical Engineering which will be completed by May 2015. I have some questions regarding selections in LSE MS in Management Program.

    Here is a brief about my CV
    Class X: 84%
    Class XII: 89.8%
    Current CGPA: 8.57/10

    President of a national technical society's chapter ISTE
    Finance Manager for a Robotics workshop and got a book published for the same workshop.
    Teacher in a social initiative called Teach for Vellore
    Internship in Tata Motors with specific focus on reducing lead time of manufacturing processes
    Co ordinator for 3 events in my college's international technical fest.

    1. How much should I score in GMAT?
    2. When does the R1 applications start?
    3. Does any prior experience in management related activities help?