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School selection
  • Posted by harini_w on 11/05/14 5:31pm

    Hi, I've completed my Bcom and level 2 of CA from University of Mumbai with an aggregate GPA of 6.66 on 7 and 90% in my final year.
    I scored a 700 on my GMAT. I have an offer from University of Melbourne to do an MiM( Finance) and Monash to do a Masters of Banking and Finance.
    My acads prior to this have been strong and I want to eventually work in an investment bank or consulting firm after this degre, so what do you think I should take up?

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/05/14 5:40pm

      Congrats, looks like you have two great options.

      To make a decision, I recommend you to follow the methodology described in my MIM eBook.

      Just follow my CAREER GOALS - RESOURCES - EXPERIENCE GOALS framework and use the section "Practical tips" as further support.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
      Owner MIM Compass
      Author of the MIM eBook

    • Posted by harini_w on 11/06/14 3:00am

      Hey Thomas,
      Sure thing!
      I wanted to know from you if the MiM from Uni Mel was a reputable course that weighed well in today's market. Its an expensive course, and I'd like to make sure that there are good options to make back this money in the near future.
      Given your insight into these universities, it'd be of great help.

      Thanks a ton!

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/06/14 10:54am

        Hi there,

        My insightw are in my book. Here you learn how to assess if a school or program is reputable. Apply my methodology and you will find your answer.

        Best wishes