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  • Posted by asutoshdas on 12/13/11 5:24am

    Hello Sir,
    My Gmat score is 510,Toefl score is 94,GRE score is 303 on a new scale of 340,and i have a CGPA(cumilative grade point average) of 9.14 over the last 3 years in my Btech degree.I have also proven myself in many leadership debate, management competitions, and other extra curricular activities.
    What Universities do you think i should apply for the MIM program.Moreover i am interested in United Kingdom.
    Please help me out in selecting Universities.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 12/13/11 2:47pm

      Hi Asutoshdas,

      thank you for your question.

      Eventually the success of your application will depend on your overall profile - not to one single number. So, it is good that you seem to have good academic grades and extracurricular activities.

      Your GMAT score is relatively low compared to average GMAT scores - so it may be (you need to find this out by talking to the schools) that you get into trouble at some schools that require the GMAT.

      However, not every business school requires the GMAT for a Master's degree.

      I briefly emailed with Ashridge this morning and you are welcome to contact Daniel Griffin at 0044 1442 841493 or email saying who you are, that you contacted me at the MIM-COMPASS and that you would be interested in their Master's.

      As for Manchester, they would need more information from you (your CV). Your contact person here is Janet Cusworth.

      Please note that there is no obligation with using these contacts. You can still apply at any other school - but these contact will provide you with some concrete feedback on your CV and on what may be expected from you when it comes to your application.

      Best wishes

      Best wishes

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 12/14/11 12:03pm

        Hi Asutoshdas,

        in addition to Manchester and Ashridge I have also used some of my other contacts to UK Business Schools. Also Warwick Business School and Hult International Business School do NOT require the GMAT for their Master in Management (Master in International Business respectively).

        As for Ashridge and Manchester, you can contact Hult (Katja Gomer) through the Request Info Button in our Hult profile to get in touch, finally send you CV and get a preliminary feedback on it. All three schools are informed that you may be contacting them and they are happy to give feedback. If you are also interested in Warwick I will be happy to build a contact as well.

        Best wishes