School selection
  • Posted by avi09ee3010 on 02/12/14 5:04pm

    Hi there,

    I have applied to ESSEC and LBS MiM programs. I got admitted to ESSEC in the September intake. Also, I recently gave the interview for LBS and am positive about the result.

    Can you help me choose between the schools.

    Thank you.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/12/14 5:22pm

      Hi there,

      I can but let's start with you. What's your analysis so far?

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

      • Posted by avi09ee3010 on 02/12/14 5:49pm

        Hi Thomas,

        I am Avinash and am from India. My focus is on sustainability in the Automotive industry. This is my analysis so far.

        LBS: Pros- Preeminent, Globally recognized brand value. Excellent student associations and alumni community. Good career services.

        Cons- 1 year course, tight schedule, no scholarships, work visa restrictions (no apprenticeship program)

        ESSEC: Pros- apprenticeship program, scholarship (already granted 20k euro), compulsory internship leading to work placement, Good focus on automotive industry.

        Cons- French compulsory for better job, less brand value (compared to LBS), fewer student activities, location.

        Thank you.

        • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/13/14 8:21pm

          Hi there,

          that's an excellent start! I suggest, particularly focusing on two criteria - among the many others that you mentioned. First, your resources (e.g. financing your studies) and, second, your career goal.

          As for financing, you should decide for yourself a maximum amount of money you are able to and want to spend. This includes also taking debts, e.g. how much debts do you feel comfortable with when doing a MIM? Once this amount is fixed you may have partly an answer already. If LBS, for instance, requires more financial resources than you are able or willing to invest you can talk to them and ask for a scholarship - but at the end of the day (if the financial requirements are too high for you) you will decide against it.

          The other important question is about your future. You seem to be pretty clear that you want to work in the automotive industry directly after your Master in Management. Knowing this in advance is very helpful. Now, which school and program can provide you with more advantages to get into this industry?

          An important step here is to check

          • which firms come on the campus to recruit MIM graduates? Are these the firms you want to work for?
          • where do the MIM graduates start to work? Ask the admissions managers...
          • does your favorite employer (or his competitors) recruit at these schools and does the industry have a preference?

          If you come to the result that financially you could manage both programs and career-wise there is no difference I would go for the cheaper one. In other words, I would only go for the more expensive one - and with expensive or cheaper I mean the actual amount of money you need to spend (for the full study time including living expenses), not necessarily the official tuition fees - if this program provides me with more benefits than the cheaper one, more benefits that are worth the higher costs.

          Best wishes

          By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by Prakash on 03/20/14 7:54pm

      Hiii Avinash,

      I am Prakash from India. I have also applied to essec and hope to get admitted there. I am yet to clear my interview round.
      Can you plz share your profile??
      It will be really nice of you if suggest some tips for the interview.

      Thank you.